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It's time to start the adventure!

Giving life to the lifeless, that’s what game development means to us! We don’t call ourselves developers we are artist!

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Adventure of Zozo - Nintendo Switch/Steam
Game 2
Tomb of Raydos - Steam/PC/Mac
Game 3
See you later, Alligator - iOS/Android
Game 4
Apple guard - Android/iOS
Game 4
The Curse of the Solomon Cross - Steam
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Recurring Revenge

Our very own Indie role-playing game based on Indian Mythology coming very soon on Steam.


Our next indie title for VR platform where racing experience is next level! Hitting the course on fall 2021

Why Omnaya Studios?

Omnaya Studios founded by Ajesh Nair is the game development & publishing company in India, doing extraordinary work in gaming industry

What's our Goal?

To create high-quality games that all human beings (even aliens “if they exist”) loves to play!